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CinemaFrame® now available at Inform Interiors

Posted on October 16, 2014, by Marca Studio in

We are proud to announce that CinemaFrame is now available for purchase at Inform Interiors – 50 Water St. Vancouver, BC.

CinemaFrame is the world’s first fully integrated, completely concealed home entertainment system created for design professionals.

Finally you have the ability to specify a single solution that meets all of your client’s AV needs without forcing you to design the entire room around it. No more equipment racks, black boxes, bulky speakers, tangled wires or confusing remote controls. The only visible part of CinemaFrame is the TV, surrounded by a slim fabric bezel mounted flush on the wall. And you can customize CinemaFrame to complement the palette you have chosen for the room by selecting from hundreds of designer fabrics by Maharam.

The Details:

– Eliminates the need for custom AV millwork
– Designed for easy installation in new construction or in existing spaces
– Compatible with standard 2×4 wall construction (wood or metal stud)
– Supports TV display sizes from 46″ to 65″
– All speakers, electronics, AV sources, power management and wiring are concealed
– Complete system control from a single remote including iPhone and iPad
– Fully customizable to suit a wide variety of applications

Explore the possibilities at millsoncs.com or call us at 604-653-5485 to arrange a demonstration.

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