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The world's first completely concealed, high-performance home cinema system. No more black boxes, bulky speakers and tangled wires. With CinemaFrame, we custom build the entire system for your project, then make it all disappear inside the wall.

CinemaFrame Logo

At Millson, we believe your personalized home theatre should be nothing less than a private sanctuary for you and your family. So sit back and let our expert team create a solution that delivers a world-class cinema experience, right in your own home.


At Millson, we live at the intersection of technology and design. This led us to create the world’s first completely concealed high-performance home entertainment system. We call it CinemaFrame® and there’s nothing else like it.

With CinemaFrame, you can say goodbye to all the usual black boxes, bulky speakers and tangled wires. Instead, we've invented a one-of-a-kind design solution that hides all of the speakers and electronics inside any standard depth wall, right behind the TV.

See how it works.


CinemaFrame is the first truly designer-focused solution that delivers phenomenal high-definition picture and sound for movies, music, the internet, gaming and more. Finally, a world-class home cinema system designed to fill your home with excitement, not equipment.

CinemaFrame is unique because the entire system, including all speakers and electronics, mount inside the wall right behind the TV. The only part of the system that remains visible is the TV, surrounded by a slim frame of luxurious designer fabric. And there are hundreds of fabrics to choose from, so you can customize CinemaFrame to complement any space.

And best of all, the entire system operates from a single, simple remote control.


When it comes to CinemaFrame, the phrase “it’s what inside that counts” really says it all.

The CinemaFrame system supports any size television from 46 to 65 inches and the complete system includes: a Subwoofer with dual drive units, three individually bi-amplified front channel loudspeakers, an audiophile-grade 12-channel digital power amplifier, a full featured AV preamplifer/surround processor with inputs for up to six A/V sources, commercial quality electrical surge protection complete with web-based remote power management and our proprietary trim bezel, covered in a luxurious designer fabric of your choice.

And as you would expect with a product of this caliber, we also include turnkey delivery and installation as well as a comprehensive 3-year warranty on the entire system.


CinemaFrame is available in Vancouver from Millson Technologies or INFORM Interiors and through select dealers across North America.


Everyone loves a night out at the movies, but too often that can include dealing with traffic, parking, lineups, sticky floors, cell phone abuse and on it goes.

So how can you enjoy a true Cineplex experience, without all the hassle? Simple. Partner with our team of experienced professionals to create a dedicated home theatre designed just for you.


At Millson, we create world-class home theatres designed to function as high-performance entertainment spaces.

We carefully consider every detail so you can enjoy your favourite movies, television programs, sporting events and concerts, surf the internet, play video games and more.

From traditional to contemporary or something in between, we work with you and your project team to personalize the details and deliver a space designed just for you.


In a well executed home theatre, you'll enjoy ultra-high resolution images that fill the screen and studio-quality surround sound from every seat.

We carefully engineer the acoustic treatments to create the perfect listening environment inside the room and provide isolation from external noise. Plush seating cradles you, room lighting and climate are carefully controlled and everything works from a single, simple remote.

This is what a personalized home theatre from Millson is all about.


We have decades of experience designing private cinema spaces in homes with design influences ranging from very traditional to ultra-modern.

We consider, plan, document and execute every detail to ensure we deliver an amazing entertainment experience, every time.


At Millson we listen first, then offer the appropriate choices. Our goal is to deliver a decidedly premium entertainment experience, but also the private and personalized home theatre you've always dreamed of owning.

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