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And Furthermore: Niels Bendtsen

Posted on April 11, 2012, by millson in

Lest one think we only read the cover article, we’d like to draw your attention to another local inspiration mentioned in this month’s issue of Montecristo Magazine: Neils Bendtsen of Inform Interiors. The informative article provides a great perspective on the long and distinguished career of Niels Bendtsen, beginning with the opening of his first retail store featuring original furniture designs almost 50 years ago, right here in Vancouver.  With a design-focused career spanning decades, you might expect a body of work that has shifted to echo the design trends of the moment. Not so with Mr. Bendtsen. From initial sketch to finished product, Niels’ work has exhibited a consistently simple, elegant and purposeful voice while maintaining an understated sophistication. His hands-on approach, relentless attention to detail and personal involvement from prototype to production are the foundation of his success, and attributes we have the utmost respect for. Be sure to read the full article here.